Loaded Gun Found Near Interstate 35

7-13-05 - A mentally challenged worker found a loaded handgun on Tuesday while picking up trash along I-35. A group of employees from Sunshine Industries was working in Love County when it happened.

Tobe Henry's been picking up trash along I-35 for two years, but yesterday he found a piece of trash that's caught the interest of state investigators: a gun.

A first-time occurrence for Love County and a serious danger for Sunshine Industry. Many of their workers, like Tobe, suffer from physical or mental disorders. A lot of times they pick up harmless things like credit cards, social security checks, even hundred dollars bills.

The Love County Sheriff's Office say this gun had no safety and was rusted, with bullets so old it could go off at any time.

The next discovery is for the OSBI. They'll track the serial number to find exactly who it belongs to and why it was there.

Sunshine workers will be back to their usual jobs tomorrow, picking up trash and finding the unusual. The Love County Sheriff's Office thinks the gun's been there for at least two years. It also had two spent shells inside.