School Bus Driver Assaulted

8-26-05 - It was a morning to remember for a school bus driver in Durant. A bus full of students was watching as an angry parent holding an aluminum baseball bat attacked the driver.

A bus full of students, ranging from kindergarten to high school, were watching as an angry father holding an aluminum baseball bat got on the school bus and began cursing the driver.

Thirty-three-year-old Cameron Smith slugged the driver in the jaw with his fist saying, “No one lays his hands on my kid.” Smith then left the bus. He later told police that his 6th grade son complained that the bus driver had shaken him earlier in the week, but the driver tells a different story; that the boy and another student were horseplaying when he called them to the front to tell them to stop. He didn't feel it was serious enough to write up a report.

Police tracked down Cameron Smith, and it turns out this wasn't his first-run with the law. He was facing a felony warrant from Bryan County for a different incident. Now he's also charged with a misdemeanor count of assault.

The driver will be OK. The school district is turning the case over to the district attorney.