Officer Arraigned, Bonds Out

7-15-05 - A Madill policeman was arraigned on felony charges of drug possession Friday afternoon, one day after state agents caught him on tape buying methamphetamines from an undercover informant.

Officer Mike J. Stephenson was on duty at the time and agents suspect he used the drugs after the buy.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics made the arrest which was part of a 2.5 month investigation. It began after a drug suspect told the Madill police chief that he'd bought and sold drugs with Stephenson.

A judge set his bond at $50,000. Stephenson made bail and was released this afternoon.

The drug sting happened at a city park. OBN agents videotaped an undercover drug informant selling $30 worth of meth to Stephenson. When the officer reported back to the PD minutes later, agents found that a small amount of the drugs were missing.

Stephenson faces four different drug charges, including driving while under the influence of drugs in a police car and possession of drugs within 1,000 feet from a park. He's been put on administrative leave.