Shootings Hit Home at Denison Church

8-30-05 - The impact of the Sash shooting tragedy doesn't stop at the borders of Fannin county.

Rev. James Armstrong spent eight years pastoring a the Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church on South College Boulevard in Denison.

"He was one that cared for people and tried to get the most out of their character and help then," Rev. Michael Daniels of Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church said.

Friends say Armstrong visited the shooter Fred Crenshaw a few days before the attack including inviting Crenshaw to church.

"We're going to have to deal with our feelings, our emotions, and our fear," Sharon Patrick, a family friend of the Armstrongs', said. "We'll even think about who we've upset and the people we've made angry, because of the things that we've done and standards we've upheld. We're vulnerable, we just feel vulnerable. You'd never think that something like this would happen."

After spending time at Amazing Grace Church, James Armstrong spent several years evangelizing before going to the Assembly of God Church in Sash.