Family Takes Refuge In Texoma From Katrina

8-30-05 - Thousands of families that call New Orleans home have had to seek refuge in other parts of the country. One of those families has found a temporary home here in Texoma.

One week ago, the Bravo family was living their normal, everyday life in New Orleans. Seven days and one devastating storm later, they have to start all over again.

New Orleans natives Kim and Bennett Bravo first heard the name Katrina on Wednesday when she was off the Florida coast. Then the threat grew greater everyday until Sunday when they were forced to quickly grab what they could from their home.

Bring only a few laundry baskets of clothes and an ice chest full of food, they came to Pottsboro to stay with Kim?s mother, Mary. In the days since, they have watched the pictures on TV.

With their own two eyes, they saw the area that they lived in beneath nothing but water and debris including their home and everything they had in it.

"Resident of New Orleans my whole life, I didn't think of it," Bennett Bravo said. "I've escaped plenty, been lucky, thought God would let us slip by. Unfortunately we didn't."

The Bravos say they hope they will get some assistance from FEMA or the Red Cross, but since they didn't have flood insurance, they're not sure what they will do or when they may be able to return to what?s left of their home.

A fund in the name of Kim and Bennett Bravo has been setup at the American Bank in Sherman for those who want to lend their support.