Body Hidden Under Home

7-18-05 - A north Texas man is accused of murdering his brother and leaving the body under a Lamar County mobile home for almost a month.
Authorities found 21-year old Jeffrey Daniel Gaines this weekend.

Lamar County deputies believe he was stabbed to death by his 22-year-old brother Jared Gaines. Jared's girlfriend alerted Collin County authorities to the crime on Friday after they arrested Jared for domestic abuse.

She claims the two were fighting back in June at their parents' mobile home in Powderly. Jared made her watch while he stabbed his brother while the man slept.

When deputies got to the mobile home, they found Jeffrey's body hidden underneath. Neighbors say they had smelled something dead for weeks but thought it was just a cat.

Deputies say the girlfriend told them that Jared threatened her life and the life of her 3-year-old child if she told the truth.

The family had not reported Jeffrey missing because he worked construction in a different state.