Murder Suspect Contacts First News

Michael Dewayne Kimmel

7-19-05 - The only suspect in a Sherman murder case has contacted KXII-TV with a handwritten letter that is part apology, part confession. Witnesses say Michael Dewayne Kimmel shot and killed Gerry Wayne White last Wednesday after a confrontation outside the Brooks Manor Apartments.

In a 3-page letter faxed to the KXII newsroom Monday night at 5:30, Kimmel admits to the shooting, but claims it was in an accident that happened while he was coming to the defense of his pregnant girlfriend. He also claims White had a knife. He says the shotgun went off when White grabbed one end of it.

He claims he is not ‘on the run’, but simply waiting until he believes it is safe to surrender. Kimmel, 19, says he fears racially motivated retaliation from gangs. Kimmel is black and the victim is white.

The fax arrived at 4:30pm and was sent from a Kroger grocery store in Fort Worth. That’s the same area where Texas Rangers found Kimmel’s getaway car last week. A First News reporter also spoke with a woman by phone who claims she sent the letter. She claims to be in contact with Kimmel, but not with him.

Police investigators examined the letter and say it appears to be authentic. They also told us that Kimmel can surrender to whomever he chooses, but he must do so soon.

Although Kimmel never refers to White by name, he does apologize to the victim and his family and friends.

The entire letter has been transcribed word for word below:
Date: 7/15/05 Page # 1/3

I, Michael Kimmel am writing this letter in regard to the incident that occurred in Sherman, Texas. I am the suspect of the murder case that occurred on Walnut St. I believe that is the street. I would like for the police force to know that I am not trying to run from the police for this incident. I would very much like to turn myself over to the police force. But I have heard of rumors of retaliation and I am afraid and fear for my life. I have experienced racism before in Sherman, Texas and the surrounding area. I have heard that racist gangs are going to try and retaliate. That is the only reason why I haven't turned myself over to the police. I promise you that if I could be safe from retaliation I would be more than willing to co-operate with the police force into telling them everything about what happened in this case. I also promise you that I am not armed and I am not dangerous. I also did not intentionally cause the death of the... (next 9 words illegible)

Page #2/3
...was in fact a accident. I did not mean to shoot him but in the event of the struggle he (the victim) tried to take the gun from it (the gun) went off. I was shocked and I panicked and ran out of nervous fear. I sincerely apologize. I will however tell the police force all the details from start to finish in full co-operation if I can safely know that I will not be harmed. I will tell you the absolute truth, not denying or deceiving you in any shape, form, or fashion. I have no reason to lie. I will the truth and I hope as god says it shall set me free. I am not once again trying to get away with anything. I would like for justice to be served but I want a fair trail and I do not want to experience retaliation. I am sincerely sorry for the death of the victim my apologies goes out to his family and friends. I just would like for them to know that I am sorry for the accident and that’s what it was. I do (next word illegible) did I ever have a problem with the victim...(next 3 words illegible)...made a bad decision.

Page #3/3
...and got involved in something that was really not my business. But I did fear for the life of my baby-Momma/my Girlfriend because she was pregnant with my child that in turn made me go out and try to protect her. But I was only trying to scare the victim away from the scene with the gun I did not want to even tried to kill him it was a accident. Once he grab the gun I feared for my life and it went off. I only got the gun to protect my family and because he got a knife out on me first. I was scared for my life as well as the life of my family. I will tell the whole story from start to finish when I feel I am safe and secure I will turn myself over to the police. Once again I am truly sorry that this incident occurred and would like to co-operate but I fear for my life. Just wanted the police to know that I am not a bad or evil person but I did make a bad decision and mistake.
Date: 7/15/05

Sincerely, Michael Dewayne Kimmel

Ps. I am not denying the fact that I did this but it was indeed a accident. I did not want or wish death on this person.
Ps. I would also like to add that I am poor and cannot afford a Lawyer in this matter that is also why I fear of not getting a fair trail in this case.
Ps. I am fully aware of my past criminal record but I assure that I am not a dangerous person nor did I intend to harm the victim in this incident. It was a small fight that got escalated into a big accident.