Vietnam Memorial Replica Arrives

7-19-05 - A traveling replica of the Vietnam Memorial has arrived in Denison today amid much fanfare.

The Vietnam Wall Experience is a ¾ size copy of the actual memorial in Washington, D.C. Boxed inside a large truck for travel, it received a police, military and motorcycle escort from Durant to Denison Tuesday afternoon, with official parades in both cities.

It’s arrival at the high school track field was welcomed by hundreds of veterans and volunteers, who set to task setting up the structure. The replica is 240 feet long, 8 feet high and has the names of over 58,000 veterans who died in the war.

It is one of several traveling replicas. This wall was built in 1990 by a group of crematories and funeral homes.

On Friday at 10am, a dedication ceremony will officially open it for the weekend. Visitors will be able to see the wall and make rubbings of the names of the fallen.

Once it leaves Denison, the wall will travel to Jacksonville, Florida.

To learn more about the Vietnam Wall Experience, click here.