Jail Construction Halted in Atoka County

7-19-05 - The Atoka County Jail Authority thought they had the solution to their jail problem when they hired a company called B-3 Detention Solutions, turns out B-3 is more of a problem than a solution.

The new jail on the backside of the Atoka County Courthouse is still under construction and not even close to being finished, four months after building began.

But moving forward has been tough since the jail authority discovered last month their contractor was operating under a fraudulent bond.

We spoke with Bill Childers by phone today. His engineering company is heading up the jail project for the county. He says the county paid the company, B-3 Detention Solutions, $500,000 before they discovered the fraud.

Childers says the county isn't out any money since the work they've paid for has actually been done, but the $2 million project isn't even half finished. Their main concern now is time.

We were unable to reach B-3 Detention Solutions for comment today. Right now, the jail authority is searching for a new contractor.