Emily Makes Landfall in Mexico

7-20-05 - BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) Hurricane Emily has landed. Wind and rain are lashing the Brownsville-South Padre Island area as Hurricane Emily moves ashore about 80 miles to the south.

No serious damage or injuries have been reported yet in South Texas, although scattered power outages are reported. But only as day breaks will a true assessment of damage begin.

The American Red Cross says it's set up 14 emergency shelters in the area -- mostly in the Edinburg area inland. A Red Cross spokeswoman says about four-thousand people have taken refuge in those shelters.

The Category Three storm brought winds of up to 125 mile-per-hour wind and giant waves to the Mexican landing point.

The south Texas shore remains under a hurricane warning from Port Mansfield south to the Rio Grande. But the hurricane watch has been lifted for the coast between Baffin Bay and Port Mansfield. That area remains under a tropical storm warning.