Man Runs After Causing Pile-up

7-20-05 - A five-car pile-up on US highway 75 in Sherman may have been caused by two cars racing. The driver who is accused of being part of that actually took off, only to be caught moments later.

It happened around three where Highway 75 crosses Birge Street. Witnesses say the man driving a black car rear-ended a Sherman woman. She was pushed across the median where she hit another car head-on with three people inside.

A total of five cars wrecked, slowing traffic to a crawl on both sides of the highway. But the suspect didn't stick around to help. He took off, but didn't get far, caught on Birge Street.

As for the victims, the injuries appear to be non-life-threatening. Sherman police say as soon as the suspect is released from the hospital, his name will be released and he will be arrested on those felony charges.