Judge OK's Class Action Lawsuit Against Dickson

9-16-05 - Today a judged ruled that anyone getting over a $50 traffic ticket between November of 2002 and this past spring could get the difference back. There are around 1,800 to 2,000 people in this class action lawsuit, which means Dickson could have to shell out well over $100,000.

This started back in June. The same judged ruled that Dickson failed to file updated fine ordinances with the county in 2002, making every fine over $50 null and void. The city is calling the ruling disappointing, but they're not giving up. Their attorney is already appealing the first ruling with the state supreme court.

The town of Dickson still hasn't decided if they will file an appeal against this new class action judgment. But one thing is certain. It could be another couple of years before anything is officially decided.

If the appeals court still finds Dickson at fault they will have three years to pay back the fines.