Stickers Could Save Lives

7-21-05 - Children left in hot cars – a deadly mistake that's claimed seventeen lives nationwide this summer already. The latest happened on Monday in Durant. But one local woman is hoping to give all drivers a reminder before they shut the door.

Andrea Lester of Burneyville was in front of her TV when the motivation hit her. While watching a program about a father whose child died after being left in a hot car, she came up with the idea for the “Forget Me Not USA" stickers. The red and yellow sticker is a visual reminder for a parent or guardian to make sure they are not leaving someone behind. They’re designed to go on the inside of a car window, but Andrea hopes that's just the beginning of where it will be seen.

From fire departments to retail and restaurant windows, she hopes that if people see one they’ll always be thinking and looking for children left in cars. Andrea says if one of those stickers was on the window of the Mazzio’s where the Durant mother worked, the tragedy might not have happened on Monday.

You can purchase the stickers for $1 a piece by calling 580-276-3157 or by e-mail at