New Jury Selection Procedures

9-19-05 – The number of jury summons sent out in Grayson County is three times the number of citizens who actually report to the court house for jury selection, which has prompted concerned judges to redesign the system.

For courts and citizens, jury selection can be a tedious process, but a new system will save time and money. The district clerk has issued brand new jury summons forms that include a bar code. When citizens report for jury selection, their information will be quickly scanned into the system, eliminating long lines, and wasted paper. People will also be able to call in exemption claims over the phone, instead of in person at the courthouse. The new system will also crack down on those who chose not to report at all.

“The biggest reason that I’ve seen for the no-shows is people just don't want to participate in jury service. With this new system, we will be able to track the individuals that do not respond,” says Cyndi Spencer, District Clerk.

Spencer estimates that the new system will save the county $50,000 to $80,000 each year, mostly in paper and copying costs.

The new mail-outs are already being sent and will fully take over the old postcard mailers by October 3rd, but people who get the old forms in the mail will still need to respond to those as well.