Closing Ceremonies at Memorial Wall

7-24-05 - Texomans didn't seem to want to part with the Vietnam Wall Experience Sunday evening. The closing ceremonies at the Wall were full of emotion and patriotism. The wall was officially open to the public on Friday and stayed open for 24 hours throughout the weekend.

At the start of the closing ceremony, a Vietnam helicopter took off from the site of the wall. Many veterans were called to the front of the wall during the ceremony. TAPS played in the background as ceremonial flyovers took place overhead.

The wall is a 3/4-size replica of the monument in Washington D.C.

Thousands of people spent the weekend searching through the 58,000 names of those that gave their lives.

Willard Croley came from Whightwright and has never seen the actual wall. So today is the closest he's been to his first cousin since the war.

Laid along the wall, there have been different momentos left and hey have now been gathered and placed in a vault at the Fairview Cemetery in Denison.