Fiery Accident Kills Two on I-35

9-21-05 - Northbound lanes of I-35 near Gainesville have re-opened after a fiery accident Tuesday night involving 18-wheelers that left two people dead.

A tractor-trailer and a tow truck were stopped on the side of the highway when another 18-wheeler traveling North veered off the road and hit them causing all three vehicles to burst into flames..

Troopers are investigating if the driver of the truck that caused the accident fell asleep at the wheel or not. He died at the scene.

The tow truck operator was under his vehicle when the collision occurred and was killed instantly.

A third driver was standing outside his truck, and he was not hurt.

Traffic was shut down on both sides of the highway for a short time, although southbound lanes re-opened just before 10pm. Northbound lanes were closed for several hours while crews cleaned up the mess.