Mobile Meth Lab Bust

7-26-05 – An armed robbery investigation led to a mobile meth bust this morning in Ardmore. Authorities arrested 26-year-old Dustin Keith Rains and 21-year-old Candra Leann Gilbert in connection with the meth lab.

Both were staying at the Regency Inn Hotel where the armed robbery took place. When they left this morning, Ardmore police pulled them over. While searching the vehicle, authorities found a mobile meth lab in a tool box in the back of the truck.

Authorities say Dustin Rains fits the description of last night’s robber, who held up the clerk with a knife. Dustin Rains and Candra Gilbert are in the Carter County Jail this afternoon.

Rains is charged with driving under the influence of drugs and Gilbert faces a drug paraphernalia charge.