Potential Lifesaver - ICE-ing Cell Phones

7-26-05 - Something that could save countless lives has come out of the tragedy of the London bombings. The acronym I.C.E. stands for “In Case of Emergency,” an acronym rescuers want on everyone's cell phone.

If you own a cell phone, you know how convenient it is to have dozens of numbers at your fingertips. But its one number that emergency responders need to be able to find to give you the best treatment possible.

That's where ICE comes in. It would hold your emergency contact number, a husband, wife, mother, or father. People that know what your medical history is and can sign off on emergency medical help.

"ICE" was the idea of a British paramedic who saw the need first hand while treating dozens of wounded victims in the London bombings. Local police and firefighters are already instructing their officers to look for this information.

To make your ICE number is easier to find, try putting a dot or quotation marks around the letters which moves it to the top of your contacts. Also, if your phone won't allow you to enter the same number twice, try putting a one in front of the number.

Officials predict the ICE campaign could take some time to catch on, but hopefully everyone will see how vital performing this simple task can be.