Salvation Army Volunteers Prepare For Impact

9-22-05 - Salvation Army volunteers in Carter County who just got back home from Houston, are gearing up to return.

The Salvation Army in Ardmore has served almost 30,000 people this year, and they may serve even more in disaster relief. Canteens served 5,000 Hurricane Katrina victims a day at the Astrodome, and now many of the Salvation's disaster volunteers could be headed back down to Houston.

Volunteers received an email on Thursday putting them on standby, so they're packing up their cooking canteens ready to leave at a moment's notice. They are all waiting to see what kind of disaster will hit closer to home.

"You know the circumstances are just so different this time around," Assistant Corps Officer Captain Jayne Brewster said. "That there's already a disaster somewhere else and that we might be receiving another disaster coming up. It is unusual, but it's the nature of hte job and we're ready to do what we can."

Disaster relief teams are on call right now and may be sent to Houston, Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama, or they could even be sent to Eastern Oklahoma.

Volunteers say they could leave as early as Monday, but they're waiting to see Rita's effect on Oklahoma and Arkansas before they can head South.