Area Police Officers On Standby

9-23-05 - Police officers are already training for a potential disaster. They watched as homes and people were washed away in New Orleans, and they also watched as the ones that survived struggled to find food and water.

Now, with another potentially devestating storm threatening to hit closer to home, they are already learning from recent history.

"No idea what is going to happen," Sherman Sgt. Mark McRee said," but we are doing all we can for the citizens of Sherman."

The city of Sherman and its emergency and law enforcement agencies rolled out their plan for not only incoming evacuees, but for severe weather as well.

A simple plan focusing on sparing no resources and taking every precatution.

"Police are on standby and we've topped off fuel storage," Sherman City Clerk Linda Ashby said. "We have 40 SISD buses ready to transport too."

No matter if Rita is a lion or a lamb by the time she reaches Sherman, the city is ready. They say every water tower is filled to the brim and every citizen will have access to necessitites. Areas suceptible to flooding will be barricatded.

The police department is equipped as well. After Katrina, they were FEMA certified for emergency planning. It's a step made to avoid teh communication breakdown that plagued New Orelans.

It's communciation they hope they never have to use, but Rita might have other ideas.