Grayson County Safe Harbor for Antique Planes

9-26-05 - Pieces of history, flown to safety from Hurricane Rita, are at the Grayson County Airport.

Antique fighter planes dating back to World War II arrived from Galveston last week. They're a part of the Lone Star Flight Museum which evacuated their entire collection to drier ground.

The six fully restored models are at the MM Hanger waiting to be flown back to the museum or on to air shows around the country.

"I think it's fantastic," Grayson County Airport Director Mike Shahan said. "There's very few of these flying today. There's probably less than five to six in the world. Especially the B-17 and B-25, so for me, I'm thrilled that they're here."

The planes won't be in Texoma much longer. THey are expected to fly out in the next few days.