NRA to Boycott ConocoPhillips

The National Rifle Association today announced plans to boycott ConocoPhillips because of its lawsuit to block an Oklahoma law allowing employees to keep guns in their vehicles while parked in company parking lots.

NRA executive Wayne LaPierre announced the boycott in Idabel at a rally supporting employees who were fired by Weyerhauser in 2002 after guns were found in their cars and trucks in the Weyerhaeuser employee parking lot.

Weyerhaeuser says the weapons violated a new company policy, but the fired workers say they weren't told of the rule.

LaPierre says ConocoPhillips is being boycotted because it filed a lawsuit challenging a state law passed last year to prevent companies from firing employees because they have a gun inside their locked car or truck.

He says the boycott targets Conoco and Phillips 66 gas stations.

Houston-based Conoco and Bartlesville-based Phillips merged in 2003 creating ConocoPhillips and based the new company in Houston.