Trash Dispute Could Earn City Money

8-1-05 - It’s been almost a year since the city of Sherman took over the hauling of commercial trash, but now with a lawsuit pending a new deal could be in the works that would pay the city for subcontracting its trash service.

First News has learned that a private company has offered the city $5 million to sub contract commercial waste, but one former councilman is already speaking out against the idea.

Orvie Lee Cantrell bought an advertisement in a local paper. He says the city is doing a better job at a lower price than IESI did a year ago. He also claims the city nets more than $2 million a year.

But mayor Bill Magers says he doesn't know where that number came from, and he wants citizens to know that number is not accurate. The city only makes $570,000 a year.

The city will not make a decision until their lawsuit with IESI is settled. The city is not releasing which company has offered them a deal.