Socks for Souls

9-28-05 –The youngest Texomans are giving to hurricane victims in the simplest of ways. The Pottsboro Middle School students are collecting socks to give to the Red Cross.

For the past two weeks, the students in the 6th, 7th and 8th graders went around to homeroom classes, asking teachers and peers to donate a new pair. While the recipients will have something warm and comforting to put on their feet, the students get a good feeling as well.

“Be thankful for what you have. It's good to have friends and family, and to know that you have things, because a lot of people don't anymore,” says Roxanne Crouch a 7th grader at Pottsboro.

The students have seen first-hand how a hurricane effects the people who live through it. Pottsboro is the new school district for several students displaced by the hurricane. Teachers say that is one of the reasons the students wanted to help other victims.

”A lot of times our children feel like, ‘it can't happen to me, or it won't happen to our family or in this area,’ but tragedies can happen anywhere. With us getting new students as a result of the hurricane, it has really put a face on what is happening in other parts of the state,” says Jayme Blessing, a 7th grade teacher.

The kids have collected almost 900 pairs of socks. On Friday, they’ll take the collection to the Sherman Red Cross, who will decide how to disperse the socks.