Cause of Sunday's Fire in Healdton Unknown

8-2-05 - Investigators say the cause of a fire that destroyed a family business and home may never be known.

The Sunday evening fire destroyed a pizza restaurant and the adjoining home of the restaurant owner. Another building was also destroyed but a building housing a drug store has only minor smoke and water damage.

The fire burned for about three hours before being brought under control and fire officials say most of the evidence was destroyed in the blaze.

More than 70 firefighters from ten departments responded to the fire and several firefighters suffered smoke inhalation or heat exhaustion. Firefighters responded from as far away as Ardmore 20 miles to the east to help fight the blaze.

The fire started about 6:30 pm Sunday evening and quickly consumed the building that housed the Pizza Deli Express and an adjacent structure used as living quarters by the restaurant's owner.