Man Convicted for Piling Up Tires

9-28-05 - For two years, James Glendening allowed and even participated in piling up tires on his property. Then he declared bankruptcy so he could not be held responsible for cleaning up the mess.

Wednesday, a jury said he is responsible and a judge could send him to jail. Jurors saw pictures of the 250,000 tires just north of Whitesboro from the air.

Today's guilty verdict is the end of a long fight for those living nearby who have been complaining about the illegal dump since 2001 when KXII first reported the story.

Glendening was indicted that year, and in court this week he testified that the mountain of tires was just the result of bad business planning.

Even though he has been convicted, Glendening is out on bond until sentencing. The judge agreed with his attorney that he is not a flight risk.

Sentencing will take place sometime in the next several weeks, and Glendening could face up to two years in jail.