Rafael Palmeiro Plans to Come Clean with Congress

8-3-05 - Rafael Palmeiro is ready to come clean with Congress about his failed steroid test.

The House Government Reform Committee says the Baltimore Oriole has pledged "his full cooperation" -- agreeing to release details of the test. That would include the results, dates of the tests and other relevant facts.

Palmeiro says if the committee has any more questions after reviewing the details, he is "ready and willing to answer each and every one of them."

The first baseman has become the highest-profile baseball player suspended ten games for flunking a steroid test. Palmeiro had testified before the committee in the spring that he had never taken steroids -- and says now that he has never willingly or intentionally taken them.

A person with knowledge of baseball's testing program told The Associated Press that Palmeiro tested positive for a powerful steroid not found in dietary supplements.