Guns Found In Drug Bust

10-10-05 - The war on drugs netted more than officers bargained for in Marshall County Sunday. Deputies showed off dozens of guns seized on a search that ended with felony charges.

"When we walk into a residence, you know we're not expecting that," Marshall County Deputy Weldon Stubblefield said.

Stubblefield isn't talking about the amount of weapons. They found the usual meth, mushrooms, marijuana, and guns, but they also walked into the residence and found something unusual: explosives.

Explosives were used as booby traps and meant for anyone that happened upon the illegal drug activity.

"We seen some little green looking grenade things so we called the bomb squad out on that," Stubblefield said.

Thomas metcalf, 54, and Paula Johnson, 55, were arrested, and it seems that bombs are becoming the norm with drug arrests.

"It s starting to look like a trend, getting explosives with our meth labs here in our county," Kingston Police Detective Nathan Calloway said.

Calloway knows that all too well. Kingston police assisted the Marshall County Sheriff's office Sunday morning, and they had their own bomb scare less than two months ago.

Police raided a meth lab, finding a professionally made grenade-simulator bomb which they later detonated. Both the maker of that bomb and the ones allegedly responsible for today s explosives all have experience with explosives in the military.

Authorities say the key to fighting meth and staying safe may be checking criminal history and military history. Both were military issued explosives.