Man Matches Bank Heist Suspect

8-4-05 - A routine traffic stop by Ardmore police may help solve two bank robberies in southern Oklahoma in the past week. Police stopped a 21-year-old man overnight who was on parole for bank robbery and also was carrying $2,300 in cash.

Around 1 a.m., an officer stopped a car for having a tail light out. The man behind the wheel may be the same man caught on a surveillance camera this week in Maysville.

The 21-year-old is wanted out of Arkansas on a parole violation. That sentence was for robbing banks. The suspect also had $2300 in cash on him but admitted he didn't have a job.

Right now he's being held in the Carter County Jail for defective motor vehicle, no driver's license, false impersonation, and possession of marijuana. But the FBI wants to interview him about Ringling and Maysville bank robberies. Their next step is comparing descriptions and evidence and possibly doing interviews with Ringling and Maysville authorities.

The Ringling bank was robbed last Thursday. The Maysville bank was robbed on Tuesday.