Drought Leads to More Pipe Breaks

10-12-05 - Water crews in Sherman have been flooded with calls about broken water lines due to the recent drought. Tuesday evening, a 12 inch water main on Frisco Road split, sending thousands of gallons of water spewing into the air.

Only a handful of households lost water because of Tuesday's water line break, but water crews say it's becoming a familiar problem. In September alone, they responded to more than 40 breaks, which is well above the average even for this time of year.

Crews explain that the breaks are being caused by a lack of water in the ground, which makes the ground shift. The shifting ground causes the pipes to split.

Sherman is about 17 inches below the average rainfall for this year. Water crews say the drought is a double-edged sword, because when they rain finally starts to fall, the ground will shift again and break the lines.