Some Families Angered by Crosses at War Protest Site

8-24-05 - Nearly 600 white wooden crosses in perfectly straight rows stretch nearly a third of a mile down the narrow road leading to President Bush's ranch, a sea of names in the grassy ditch beside a cow pasture.

Lt. Seth Dvorin. Sgt. David W. Johnson. Daniel Torres. Casey Sheehan.

Hundreds who oppose the war with Iraq have spent time at the memorial the past two weeks at the makeshift campsite of anti-war demonstrators near Bush's ranch. Walking slowly down the road, some pause to wipe away tears or place an American flag and a rose by a cross.

To some relatives of the fallen U.S. soldiers, however, it isn't a tribute to heroes but a political statement from liberal groups with whom they disagree.

"I don't want him being used for someone's political agenda," said Sherry Orlando, a spokeswoman at Fort Campbell, Ky., whose husband Lt. Col. Kim Orlando was killed in Iraq in 2003. "Being in the military ... was who he was. It wasn't just a job. He supported what he did and I support that as well."