A child's perspective on the presidential race

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SHERMAN, Tex. -- As of now it is anyone's guess as to who will win over voters this November in the presidential election, but there are plenty of expert opinions on the matter. We wanted to get a clue on just who might win from some other experts. This morning, we take a look at a child's perspective on American politics.

Mrs. Anderson's fourth grade class at Perrin Elementary in Sherman is talking about what everyone seems to be talking about-- the upcoming presidential election.

With all that's been brought up in the campaigns it seems the children here have many of the same concerns as any other politically-minded person.

But if the election were held today, do you know who you would vote for? It's a tough decision, and one that the Perrin Elementary fourth grade students had to make already, months before the real deal.

Mrs. Anderson held a mock election to give her class a taste of democracy in action, complete with voting booths and a ballot box. One by one, the students each cast their vote, and made their choices rather quickly.

With all the ridicule, name-calling, and dirty campaigning, you might say the name of the game is child's play, but inside this classroom, it's anything but.

“Do we vote for whoever is cool?”
“Do we vote for the skin color or whether they're a boy or girl? Is that why?"

Here are the results of the fourth grade students at Perrin Elementary who participated in a mock election:

Hillary Clinton -13
Barack Obama - 15
John McCain – 11

Just as it is playing out on the campaign trial, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are neck and neck. The combined totals from both 4th grade classes are 13 votes for Clinton to 15 votes for Obama. On the other side, John McCain has a total of 11 votes.

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