Arrest Made in Saturday's Texoma Parkway Accident

10-18-05 - A Whitesboro man is facing charges in an accident that left two best friends from Denison fighting for their lives.

Police say the man was drunk and this is not his first offense.

Justin McKenzie, 21, and his best friend Chase Ward, 18, were driving in their truck when 36-year-old Timothy Whitmore ran a red light and slammed into them.

David Hudgens is a family friend of McKenzie and Ward, and he says what makes it worse is that Whitmore was out on Bond awaiting a trial on drunk driving charges from 2004.

"Its mindboggling," Hudgens said. "Once is too much ... twice ... something is wrong with our system."

Hudgens is the Associate Pastor at Southside Baptist Church in Denison where both victims attend.

"They're great kids-- matter of fact, our pastor was talking about this yesterday... they are totally against alcohol," Hudgens said. "Just a shame for them to be in an accident like this."

Neither McKenzie nor Ward have regained consciousness since the accident, but both are in stable condition. While they were in surgery Saturday, Whitmore was being booked into the Grayson County Jail after being charged with DWI and intoxicated assault.

Whitmore's trial on DWI charges from August of 2004 is set for January. He posted a $20,000 bond and bonded out of jail Sunday.