Sherman PD Step-Up Enforcement For Holiday

8-25-05 - The Sherman Police Department will be conducting a STEP enforcement campaign from August 26 through September 6.

The Selective Traffic Enforcement Program is a joint effort by state and local law enforcement to decrease automobile accidents, fatalities and injuries and to raise public awareness regarding the seriousness of traffic accidents and occupant safety.

Additional officers will be on the streets during this time period to enforce any speed or occupant safety violation that occurs. Some of the violations the officers will look for are speeding and seatbelt violations.

This program is a normal occurrence at Sherman PD. These programs happen during every holiday season in hopes of reducing the number of traffic accidents, injuries, and fatalities that occur during the specified holiday. Many of the familiar STEP campaigns are known by other names such as “Click it or Ticket” and “Buckle up in your truck”.