Identity Theft - Caught On Tape

8-25-05 - Sherman Police are asking for your help to identify a criminal caught on tape.

Thieves stole checks and credits cards in a string of car burglaries last month. Before one victim could cancel them a crook went on a shopping spree.

The surveillance tape shows the woman pushing a cart full of merchandise out of a local department store. Authorities say she made a total of three trips to area stores in route to racking up $1,000 in purchases.

She's wanted for burglary and forging a stolen check, and authorities believe she may be connected to the car burglaries last month at various apartment complexes as well as cars parked on different streets in the west part of Sherman.

"Hopefully [we'll] hold them accountable for any involvement in past crimes or possibly find clues or leads from them that would lead us to individuals responsible for the crimes," Sherman Police Sgt. Mark McRee said.

The woman was wearing a red blouse in the surveillance video and she has her hair pulled back.

If you recognize the woman on the tape, call the Sherman Police Department at (903) 892-7290.