Local Cemetery Cleaning House

10-20-05 - A local cemetery is cleaning house when it comes to flowers and ornaments on gravesites, and it is something that has caught a few family members by surprise.

Five sections have been completely wiped clean of all flowers, ornaments, and decorations. The cemetery has taken them for a good reason.

It's been eight years since they've entirely cleaned the park, so starting last Monday, the grounds crews began removing everything section by section.

If friends and families come out to place anything on the graves, the cemetery is asking them to hold off until the clean up is complete.

But appearance isn't the only reason that cleaning up the cemetery is important.

"If all the entire family is gone, and no one comes out and changes the flowers anymore, we'd like to be able to lower the vase and just have their marker and nothing else," Cederlawn Office Manager Becky Hagan said. "We're not gonna know that if we don't remove the flowers, so that we can see who doesn't bring the flowers back"

The cemetery has received a couple calls from upset family members, but they have been advertising for the last three weeks and have put flyers up letting folks know.

The entire process will be complete a week from Friday, and the cemetery will be doing this clean-up twice a year from now on.