New Business Funding

10-21-05 – After a year of work, Tuesday night the Gainesville city council unanimously approved a series of relocations and expansions for businesses, everything from building new office space, to installing water lines, to creating jobs that will benefit the economy.

Eleven projects have been approved over the past year for a total of $2 million. The projects could bring in up to 500 jobs in the next 24 months. Tuesday night’s council meeting resulted in approval of 6 projects that would provide 280 jobs.

The Gainesville Economic Development Corporation recruits businesses and takes applications for the funding, which comes from a 25-cent sales tax. Each is examined on a case-by-case basis, with attention given to how many jobs will be created and what kind of economic impact the improvements would bring to the community.

Officials say one of the plus-sides is that the jobs created won’t be entry level.

“We’re bringing in jobs that people can work and only have to work that one job as opposed to having to work two to three jobs. These people will have increased incomes, and be able to buy houses in the community instead of renting, those types of things,” says Thad Chambers, executive director for the Gainesville Economic Development Corporation.