Good News for Gainesville Businesses


10-21-05 - Businesses in Gainesville got a boost this week when council members approved funding that coudl lead to 280 new jobs.

A series of relocations and expansions will being more money into the economy and create jobs.

For the past year, the economic development corporation was worked on the project with a total of 11 business projects that will receive a total of $2 million.

Officials say one positive return on the city's investment is that the jobs created won't be entry level.

"We're bringing in jobs that people can work and only work one job as opposed to have to work two to three jobs," Gainesville Economic Development Corpration member Thad Chambers said. "Increase incomes by houses in the community instead of renting, buy cars in the community, those types of things."

The money for the business projects comes from a small sales tax already in place.