Texans to Seek Hurricane Compensation

Victims of Hurricane Katrina

9-7-05 - The next Hurricane Katrina disaster relief bill Congress considers should include reimbursement to Texas for providing help to hundreds of thousands of storm victims, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said on Tuesday.

"As Texas senator I'm going to assure that Texas is part of the reimbursement," Hutchison, R-Texas said.

Also Tuesday, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said the House and Senate should conduct a bipartisan review of how local, state and federal governments prepared for and responded to the hurricane and its aftermath.

"Congress will exercise its oversight responsibility. We will look into the events leading up to the disaster and the circumstances surrounding the initial and unacceptable response," DeLay said.

Texas has become home to about a quarter of a million people who fled the hurricane and its aftermath. Many were staying in shelters throughout the state, including the Astrodome in Houston.

"Evacuees are going to be in our state for six months, maybe longer and we have schools, we have infrastructure and we have all different things" that will strain local and state budgets, she said.