Some Hurricane Evacuees Relocating on Their Own

9-7-05 - Dozens of hurricane evacuees slumped at a Dallas Greyhound station, clutching bus tickets they purchased to move on and begin rebuilding their broken lives.

"We survived this, no help to them," Pamela Mahogany, 42, said Tuesday describing how she and other New Orleans evacuees were "treated like we were dogs" at the Louisiana Superdome in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. She said the experience convinced her to take matters into her own hands, and forgo government relocation plans.

So after she was brought from the Superdome to Dallas, she bought her own bus ticket, to Baton Rouge.

"We want to live in Louisiana," Mahogany said. "We don't know anything about Texas. We don't know anybody."

While some refugees are making travel plans, others are turning down offers from the federal government for spots on cruise ships or flights to other states. Two American Airlines flights planned from Corpus Christi to Nashville, Tenn., were canceled because people didn't want to move again.