Rescue Turns to Recovery in New Orleans

9-10-05 - Searchers retrieving the dead in New Orleans have pulled at least eight body bags from a century-old senior citizens' center.
Elsewhere, at City Park in the heart of New Orleans, two bodies were taken away.

One had been partially submerged, and the otherwas covered in a blanket.

The director of a morgue outside the city in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, says they're processing bodies around the clock. Terry Edwards says determining the cause of death becomes harder as time goes by.

Forensic workers are on the job throughout New Orleans, using
cadaver dogs to help locate remains. The National Guard is helping
by noting the location of bodies it finds.

At the same time, the debris cleanup is under way, with crews
towing away abandoned cars. Other crews are working on mounds of

At the once-teeming convention center, bulldozers pushed heaps of chairs, sleeping bags and other discarded items into giant piles. Dump trucks are hauling the debris away.

The American Red Cross is looking for 40-thousand new volunteers to help Gulf Coast residents recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Spokesman John Degnan says they will be dispatched to
hurricane-stricken areas to assist with long-term recovery, as well
as other parts of the country where victims have been relocated.

Volunteers will work at shelters, feeding and delivery sites.

Degnan says the problems caused by Katrina won't go away in a
few weeks or even a few months. He says the Red Cross will be there
until every last problem is solved.

The Red Cross currently has 675 shelters in 23 states and the
District of Columbia sheltering more than 160-thousand people.

The port of Biloxi, Mississippi, is getting back to normal after Hurricane Katrina. Limited commercial traffic has resumed. But shrimpers say it's
unlikely they'll return to work this year because infrastructure was destroyed.