Hurricane Donations Pile Up

9-12-05 – The Red Cross and Salvation Army asked for help, and the community responded, steadily donating money and goods to hurricane survivors evacuated to Texoma. As people begin to settle in, new needs are cropping up.

The Grayson Disaster Relief Center at Loy Lake Road and Taylor Street in Sherman is packed with donations: towers of diapers, dozens of table covered with shirts and pants, and rows of shoes. They keep coming in, faster than they can be given out.

“We’ve got some well-dressed people in Grayson County. They’ve got some wonderful, gently used clothing. The community just wanted to give to us so we haven't turned them down,” says Capt. David Grigsbay, with the Salvation Amy.

But what began as a flood of hurricane victims into Texoma has slowed to a trickle. Several shelters are still on stand-by, waiting for more evacuees to arrive. In the mean time, relief workers say there are other needs to bet met.

The Texoma Specialty Care Center, a Denison nursing home, rescued 15 residents from a sister home in Jefferson Parish, LA. While their new residents are healthy and cared for, nurses say there are emotional needs still to be met. Many can’t find their families, and lack companionship during this trying time.

“They want to feel loved and secure. They want to be comforted,” says Esther Hancock, case manager for Texoma Specialty Care.

Relief workers say similar needs will have to be met for evacuees elsewhere as they settle in. The next step will be finding housing for those who choose to stay in the area.

To donate your time or to give donations to the displaced residents at Texoma specialty care center, call 903-465-7442.