Little League Concern

11-8-05 - It's supposed to be fun. Kids out on the field playing football or baseball, but things can and have gotten out of hand.

This past weekend, two adults had to be escorted off the field after a dispute with referees. During a seperate game last month, a coach was suspended for confronting a fan who had been heckling him and his team with profanities.

"He confronted a fan at the ballgame," Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club director Benny Jenkins said. "It was words - we've never had it get physical here... but it just gets out of hand sometimes."

Robin Trammell is a mom and a coach. She teaches PE at Sam Houston Elementary school, but her own children have played at the Boys and Girls Club for years. She's spent many nights in the stands watching and listening.

"Yeah, it's hard to control yourself especially when its your own kids," Trammell said. "But sometimes you're there wondering how did we get to this level? I've gone up to parents personally and said 'remember why we're here - for these kids.' "

"It's negative, totally negative as far as our kids go," Jenkins said. "Because that's the most important thing we share with our children - sportsmanship, which ties into the characteristic of a person."

There is a code of ethics at the Boys and Girls Club. Parents are notified of the rules and coaches are required to sign it.

Number two on the list is "I will remember that I am a youth coach. The game is for the children and not adults."

The coaches at the Boys and Girls Club volunteer their time, and they agree to undergo background checks. But the suspended coach told First News that the greater problems are parents in the stands that are misbehaving in front of students.

The football season is almost over. The Boys and Girls Club of Denison plays their "Super Bowl" Game on Saturday.