Inmate Escaped - Local PD Not Warned

9-12-05 - While the hunt for an escaped inmate from the Marshall County Jail enters it’s 2nd week, authorities are explaining why local police were not contacted in the hours after the escape was discovered last week.

Arvel Lee Price slipped through a fence in the exercise yard last Sunday night, but jailers didn’t discover he was missing until the next morning. But it wasn’t until the day was over that the Madill PD learned that an inmate was on the loose. In fact, the Sheriff’s department wouldn’t release any information to the media, and only told the Kingston PD and Grayson County authorities.

The sheriff says they were hoping to follow leads that Price was in one of those two areas, and during the investigation, deputies overlooked telling Madill and other police departments.

Sheriff Bob Wilder is conducting an internal investigation and plans to make procedural changes.

As for Price, he was being held for drug charges and is not considered to be a public threat. They believe he may be in the Denison area. Price is 5'7, 140lbs with blondish- gray hair and blue eyes. He also has tattoos on his right shoulder.