Judge Throws Out Slander Suit Against Sharon Bush

9-13-05 - A judge has thrown out a slander lawsuit accusing the former wife of President Bush's brother of spreading rumors that Neil Bush fathered a child out of wedlock.

"I don't know if this suit was for sport or for spite, but they've gotten what they deserved, and that's zero," David Berg, who represents Sharon Bush, said Monday.

State District Judge Randy Wilson issued his order late Friday after lawyers for Sharon Bush and the plaintiff, Robert Andrews, argued the merits of the case in court. The order granting summary judgment said Andrews "shall take nothing" from Sharon Bush, noting the ruling was final and could be appealed.

"While we are disappointed by the court's ruling, Mr. Andrews achieved what he set out to do in this lawsuit," his attorney Dale Jefferson said in a statement. He said Andrews proved he was the father of his 3-year-old son.

In 2003, Robert Andrews sued Sharon Bush, Neil Bush's former wife, saying she lied when she claimed Neil Bush fathered Andrews' 3-year-old son. The lawsuit alleged Sharon Bush spread the lineage lie because she was bitter about the breakup of her marriage to Neil Bush, who in March 2004 married Andrews' ex-wife, Maria Andrews Bush.

A paternity test ordered by Sharon Bush's lawyers showed Andrews was the boy's father, not Neil Bush, so Andrews sued her for $950,000, an apology and a portion of any future book advances or royalties she receives.

In March, both sides had agreed to settle the lawsuit when Sharon Bush learned that Andrews had a paternity test conducted before he sued her, so he already knew he was the boy's father and pretended to be shocked. She then rejected the settlement and asked the judge to throw out the case.