Sherman Starts Selling Beer and Wine

9-13-05 - This past weekend was the first one where you could buy beer and wine in Sherman. That's good news for those tired of driving out of town but bad news for Denison business.

It's the day they had been dreading for four months. The day beer and win would arrive on Sherman shelves keeping some of their best customers at home.

"We have about 75-80 percent come from Sherman," Lucky Liquor Store manager Mustafa Becerik said.

It's likely that things will only get worse for businesses on the border.

Sams Club and Wal-Mart reported slow sales this weekend, but they expect things to pick-up once their cabinets are fully stocked. That could happen as early as this week.

"Hope to be set by Wednesday with wine and 25 varieties of beer," Sams Club business manager Thomas Guiette said. "[We're] hoping to have big things happen."

But big things that happen in Sherman could be felt in Denison.

As their businesses suffer a loss in sales, the city of Denison will experience a loss in sales tax, the magnitude of which may not be known for a while. Businesses are not required to submit alcohol sales, so the amount of that next tax check will be a surprise.

"Unfortunately [it's] impossible. Private stores [are] not going to tell us... no way to determine," Denison Director of Finance Andy Wilkins said.

It will take two months for Denison to receive their first affected check from the comptroller's office and see just how many dollars have been drunk up.

Those in Sherman wanting liquor will still have to make the trip to Denison. Even when Sherman stores get their permits, they will only be able to carry beer and wine.