Ardmore Officers Return Home

9-14-05 - Ardmore officers who were helping out in Mississippi and Louisiana disaster zones are now back in Oklahoma. According to those officers, what they saw resembled an entirely different country.

Five officers went down to the disaster zones volunteering their time to help secure what they can only describe as a war zone.

Pictures capture what they worked in everyday, and many times their job was just to make sure looters, both armed and unarmed, didn't steal from stores.

They spent a few days in Gulp Point, Miss., and the rest of the time in New Orleans. One officer says the watching residents attack each other was worse than the devastation.

"A person was bringing in water and gasoline, and three subjects approached the car and jumped on the vehicle and shots were fired," John Randolph said.

All five officers are now back safe in Oklahoma with the last two returning Wednesday, and all of them used vacation time to go and help.

Other officers plan to help in the disaster zones as well including two more who will leave as soon as Monday.