Sheriff's Office Not Behind Suspicious Calls

11-11-05 - Someone may be using local law enforcement to rip you off.

Donating money to help peace officers who put their lives on the line seems like a good cause, but in this case the Grayson County Sheriff's Office is asking everyone to keep their money.

Cooke County sheriffs were actually the first to be notified that a citizen had received a phone call from someone asking for cash donations to fund bulletproof vests and death benefits for Grayson deputies.

The solicitor disconnected when the caller cleverly identified himself as a Cooke County investigator. Now the Grayson Sheriff's Department wants everyone to know that they are not asking for those donations, and although they aren't sure where those calls are coming from, the department would not use telemarketing to protect their officers.

Chief Deputy Ron Brown says, “Every deputy is issue a bullet proof vest. In addition, Grayson County provides death benefits and the state of Texas for officers killed in the line of duty.”

If you do receive a phone call asking for your donation, the Sheriff's Office asks that you do not donate any money, but get as much information from the caller as possible and then immediately call the Sheriff's Department.

Grayson sheriffs are still trying to trace where these calls are coming from. They aren't sure how many people have been contacted.