Price War Drops Local Fuel Prices

11-11-05 - Pulling up to the pump isn't as painful as it has been over the last several months as a gallon of unleaded gasoline is under $2 at some Texoma stations. Drivers may have a local price war to thank.

Drivers felt like they were getting a steal at the Kroger Gas Station in Sherman Thursday where they were paying $1.98 a gallon for unleaded.

The Kroger wasn't the only station drivers were flocking to. Almost every station in Sherman offered unleaded and diesel right around the $2 mark. Along I-35 in Ardmore, prices are just a few cents higher.

So why the sudden dip in gas prices?

"It's not something we can do long term, but we're gonna do it on a short term basis," Brad Douglass of Douglass Distributing said.

Sherman is in the middle of a price war, and Douglass Distributing is joining the battle. They are choosing to sell gasoline below cost in order to keep up with the competition, and drivers are welcoming this war.

Those traveling south of Sherman have probably noticed that prices go up. This is because stations closer to Dallas sell a more expensive type of gasoline, so fill up before you go and you'll be saving quite a bit.

The gulf coast refineries are almost completely back up to 100 percent production which is another big reason prices have dropped.