Remembering Veterans on this Day

11-11-05 - Veteran's Day means commemorative ceremonies across the country, but behind the scenes are the men and women who've fought for our country.

The flag waves proudly as a symbol for our freedom, and there are those that have come and gone to ensure the American flag is flown forever.

"We live in this great country, and we enjoy our liberties that we have, and those have to be paid for occasionally," Vietnam Veteran Gary Capshaw said. "I think it was Jefferson that said, 'the tree of liberty must be watered occasionally with the blood of tyrants.' "

While the nation hasn't forgotten those that have fallen, Veteran's Day serves as a time to honor those that made sacrifices for us. Today, flags mark the graves of vets that have passed and many commemorate with flowers.

For Denison native Capshaw, remembering his tour of duty during Vietnam is still very much alive.

"The war never went away and it is always in the background," Capshaw said. "Always dealing with nightmares and I still do."

Capshaw went to Vietnam at the age of 21, and 35 years later he recalls vivid memories.

"There are dead people to remember, there are wounded people to remember, and the stress levels begin to rise and it is a very personal intense experience and it isn't going away," Capshaw said.

Just as the war will never go away in Capshaw's mind, he hopes the memory of veterans passed and veterans to come will forever be remembered on this day.

Walk down any local street and you're bound to find a veteran of war. Today, they hope none of us forget our history.

If you are interested in attending one of the ceremonies Friday, there will be a commemorative assembly at 2 p.m. at Heritage Park in Denison, and there will also be a veteran parade in Sulphur at 2 p.m. beginning on West 12th Street.